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Colombian audiovisual director and graphic designer. Laureate thesis graduate from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. After graduating from college, she worked as Art Director at Jaguar Taller Digital, a company where she was made partner. She was also character designer for the award-winning Colombian film “Pequeñas Voces”.

After several years , she left the company to move to New York City, where she studied photography at the School of Visual Arts. On her return, she became Graphics Coordinator at GENTV channel, property of Caracol Television.

In late 2009 , she traveled to Barcelona where she developed the original idea for the short film ¨Migrópolis”, presented as her Masters in Animation´s graduate project at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. The short then served as the pilot for the first season of the TV series of the same name, coproduced by Hierro Animación and Señal Colombia RTVC, created and co-directed by her.

She has directed several animated clips for ¨Sesame Street¨ at different times in recent years, from concept and development to finished product. In 2012, she founded MicuFilm, her own production company, in Bogotá, in order to continue producing quality video content, animated TV series for children, and transmedia strategies for various projects. She currently lives in Barcelona, ​​Spain .

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