Migrópolis Project

Role: Creator, Co-director, Concept Art Director and Interviewer.

“Boys and girls from all over the world share their stories about migration with us, building Migropolis, a fantastic place where everyone from everywhere is welcome, through the use of their imagination.”

The first season of the series was co-produced by Hierro Animation and Señal Colombia and supported by the Ministerio de Cultura. The series premiered in late 2012 on Señal Colombia TV channel. This first season (15 episodes x 7 minutes) was co-directed with my partner Carlos Azcuaga and has been presented and acclaimed in international animation and children’s television festivals.

Currently, MicuFilm is the production company in charge of production. Founded with my partner Carlos Azcuaga and my brother Jaime Villarraga, we develop projects in Barcelona, Bogota and Mexico DF.

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